TVShows 2.0: Finally here

Mountain Lion is supported at last

The 2.0 final version was long due, and I’m happy to announce that today we have a sufficiently mature version to call it that name. As state before, I will spend no more development time in this version, but I will work in my free time in the revamped TVShows 3. And, giving that I don’t have too much free time, there is no ETA for this third version.

Regarding this final version, the most important thing is that Mountain Lion is finally supported. One of our contributors, jacaru, fixed a crash when adding new shows. Also, we have signed the app, so that Mountain Lion will not complain when installing it. Unfortunately, ML notifications cannot be natively supported in this version. If you want to have that, please check out Bark plugin.

Another important thing happening under the hood is that we have changed our feed system (another time). Now we don’t use Yahoo Pipes, and we don’t depend exclusively on The Pirate Bay or EZTV, but we have a system in place that integrates a lot of sources and that will update episodes even if one of them is down. And that allows us to be able to show a lot more episodes in the episode list. Basically we show all episodes that we know of, so instead of the latest 10 episodes we are showing in some cases dozens of episodes.

Moreover, Diego Barros improved the search field in the show list, so you can use your keyboard to navigate within the show list. And finally, many thanks to our translators.

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